27 mei 2020

Looking for owners of shoe work "Shoerealism" of Simsa Cho

My name is Simsa cho, and making a series of glass-shoe for 30 years. I call it “Shoerealism”.

This series start with a Cinderella Beauty contest which I held with my friend Willy Jolly, who organize a music club event. It was my Gerrit Rietveld student time. Also Willy had a second clothes shop at Herengracht In Amsterdam at that time, my first solo shoe exhibition was held in his shop with 24hours opening party. The show was begin with shoe performance. 7 shoes carried by 7 people and paraded into a city of Amsterdam , Rijksmuseum, a boutique at Rokin(one of High street in Amsterdam), etc. and to Willy’s shop. This was my beginning of shoerealism. An idea of with shoe any moment, with Art in any moment. 

Since then 30years, still this idea is running in my blood.

This coming October (2020) as a winter exhibition at Glazenhuis in Lommel, Belugium, we are planning” Simsa Cho A great shoe show”.  It will be a my retrospect of 30 years shoe work and will be a catalogue for the show as well. It will be a nice to see old and new of my path and devotion to Glass shoe. 

However many of them are out of my hands and even hard to locate it. 

I asked Harm Wolthuis to help to locate owners of my shoe, Using his Leerdam Glasbeurs website. 

If you have my shoe work, contact Simsa Cho below email address:

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  1. your name ,
  2. Address, 
  3. 3.tel nr
  4. a simple photo of a simsa cho glass shoe workwhich you have. A Mobile phone photo is ok.
  5. If your shoe is selected for the exhibition, are you willing to loan your shoe for the exhibition Yes/No

At moment I am just trying to get locations of my shoe. With your reply I will discuss with Glazenhuis to make a selection and after that we will contact you with practical matters.

Thank you for having my shoe and looking forward to hear from you.

Infinite Joy,   

Simsa Cho

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